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You use a what for your periods?

February 22nd, 2017 | 4 comments

Today’s post is all about menstrual products – pads, tampons and menstrual cups. As a woman with a bleeding disorder, I’ve had more than a few experiences with menstrual products. I’ve been wanting to share my experience with my menstrual cup with everyone for a while now – as a female with a bleeding disorder I was incredibly dubious about how it might work for me, but it wasn’t until I got a report from another female bleeder and actually gave it a go that I could really understand how it might help me. Little life tip there that I’m sure you’ve heard a number of times as a kid – don’t knock it until you try it!

I’ve recorded this one in video form, so sit back and take a look:

A few things I wanted to add to my video:

Aussies – a menstrual cup is regarded as a medical device and require approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, so if you’re curious about trying one, please choose one from this list:
Juju Cup ARTG ID: 180153
Lunette Cup ARTG ID: 157084
Diva Cup ARTG ID: 173694
Keeper Cup ARTG ID: 68249.

I use a Juju cup, and as you can probably tell, I really enjoy using it! I went with Juju after reading some reviews, but also because they’re the only Australian Made option, and their packaging has no plastic. I have previously used TOM pads and tampons, which are available at both Coles & Woolworths. I also love the idea of Tsuno – who donate products and profits to women both here in Australia and in developing countries without access to menstrual products. I love that a period can become a way to change the world!

The one thing I didn’t touch on in my video is how you get the darn thing in and out! I found both Juju and youtube were helpful with lots of tutorials. And then just giving it a go in the shower before my period helped too.

Still not convinced to change from normal pads and tampons to a natural, organic fibre option? Check out this episode of Health Talks from Dr Nat Kringoudis & Aimee Marks of TOM (the key demonstration of the difference starts at about 7 minutes). I definitely don’t want that inside me!

I’d love to hear about your experience with the various menstrual products. Leave a comment or send me an email!

P.S All the products I’ve mentioned in this post are ones I’ve paid for myself. No incentive was given or products provided for this discussion, I’m sharing because I genuinely love them!

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  1. Hi Jenna,

    Just wanted to say thanks for this informative and matter fact video about using your JuJu cup. My cycles have been much heavier since I had my last baby 4 years ago and I had been struggling with going through the standard products I’d been using for decades. I read about the cups and was a bit hesitant about giving them a go, but I bit the bullet a month ago and bought a JuJu, and proud to say I am DAY 1 of using it today!! 😀 Was much easier than I anticipated popping it in and getting it out and am sure I’ll get the hang of it even more with a bit more practice. Feels strange having to learn something new again for something I’ve been dealing with for 30 odd years, but hoping for good things all round. As you said – less money, less waste and less worry = lots to look forward to! 🙂 Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for your honesty and information – it is really helpful to people like me who are looking for feedback on these things before giving them a try.

    Cheers, Kate

    PS I had a women’s health check up with my GP last week and mentioned I was about to try a cup – she got very excited and said she’d been thinking of giving one a go as well – look forward to sharing my experiences with her and I might even get her to check out your video!! 🙂

    • Hi Kate,

      Thanks for your comment! I’m so glad you found my post helpful and your first use of the cup went well. Happy period! I look forward to mine now because it means I get to use my cup.

  2. Just wanted to totally endorse menstraul cups with you. It’s a change of life for someone with heavy bleeding! Before my uterin ablation I was going through super tampons every 30 minutes for at least two days of my cycle. When I switched to the menstraul cup I was able to stretch that out to every two hours. To solve the issue of being away from your own toilet I reccomend having a water bottle handy. It helps with public restroom situations where the sink is not right in your stall. Pop out, rinse, pop back in and your good to go! Life changer ladies!

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