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Why I no longer take The Pill

December 7th, 2015 | no comments

Today I’m sharing a very personal, and somewhat controversial topic with you – why I stopped taking the pill and why I’ll never do it again.

I took the oral contraceptive pill for 13 years (2 years of which I was on 2 a day) as it was viewed as the best option for treating my VWD. The pill isn’t just used for treating rare conditions, though – women with a range of conditions, from endometriosis, PCOS, any kind of problem with their reproductive system, and even seemingly unrelated conditions like acne or mood conditions are recommended a contraceptive to fix or be part of the solution to their problem.

My personal experience is that the pill doesn’t effectively treat bleeding disorders. It is designed to disrupt regular hormonal function which leads to the ability to conceive – it isn’t designed to cope with correcting a genetic default which prevents correct blood clotting.

In this video, I’m sharing a bit more of my experience n coming off the pill, and what I now use to determine if a medical treatment is effective.

*Please note – I am not a medical professional, these are my own thoughts based on my life experience as a patient and patient advocate. I’m sharing my experience to give you ideas to think about. If you feel the pill is the most appropriate treatment for you, then that’s great! Really! I’m glad you’re happy. 

Some resources that I have found incredibly useful are linked here:

Debunking Ovulation – Nat Kringoudis

I attended Nat’s live seminar which became this e-course, and my views on female health have never been the same. So much great information on what a cycle really should look like (that should be taught in health class! It certainly wasn’t in mine!). Nat, as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also takes on patients, and I can’t recommend her work and treatment enough (it has also worked perfectly with, not instead of, my western medical treatments.

Health Hypothalamic Amennorhea – Kate Callahan

Kate’s e-book was released at the perfect time for me earlier this year and is a great resource for anyone with missing periods, painful periods or any kind of abnormal reproductive function. The techniques she describes work – because they are what I’ve been using this year (with my own specific tweaks, of course!). Kate has healed her own missing periods with what she shares, as have all the women in her book who share their own stories.


Questions for you:

Do you feel wildly healthy with your current treatment? Was it created just for you and your life? What does “health” mean for you? Does your approach to health treatment get you there?

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