Tip Jar

Read my work here on my website or over on social media? Have you been interested, touched, or strongly relate to any of my writing? Do you feel like you would love to buy me and cuppa to say ‘thank you for sharing’?

Image of a tip jar. The jar is on the left hand side of the picture. A yellow sticky note is on the front with the word 'Tip' written in varied cases, and a heart is on the bottom of the note. There are coins in the jar., and it is sitting on a bench. The background is out of focus, with squares of light in white and yellow.


Please contribute to my tip jar instead!


I love writing, here and on my social media posts. One of my original goals in starting a blog was to share my experiences with illness and disability in order to connect with other people, empower other people, and find commonality and community in unusual circumstances. One of the things I have learnt through finding community online is women and disabled people should be valued and rewarded for sharing your expertise and experience. Through this tip jar, I am offering you the opportunity to say thank you for sharing.


My skills of writing and communicating, my expertise through my lived experience and other ways I share online, have had value for many of you over the years. On top of that, running a website and creating content both here and for social media takes time and effort since my second diagnosis and progression of my disability,  I’m trying to find the best ways to ensure my health and well-being are supported with minimal impact to both my physical and mental health. Running a website also comes with financial obligations – web hosting, domain renewal, images & design all cost money and effort to put together and maintain. 


I have thought through other models, such as paid offerings, or platforms like Patreon. I have decided against the subscription model for now. I don’t want to lock myself into a regular production cycle that I’m not capable of currently maintaining, or exclude people from engaging with my work due to financial situations. In setting up this model, it allows you to contribute and support me to continue creating, on your terms with no ongoing obligations if you are not able to do so. 


If you love what I do, and have the ability to support me send me a fiver (or whatever you’re able to and feel is appropriate) through the link.

Thank you!