Values Foundation Session

So you want to start a business or a blog, or perhaps you’ve been working at it for a little while now. You know the area, the offering you’ll start with, and you may have even set your financial goals set, your domain purchased and social media accounts engaging with your adoring fans. Perhaps you’ve even got a business plan, 4 networking events booked, and your blog started. BUT – have you thought about the values for your business?

When we know our values, communicating what we do to our readers, clients, service providers, and even Uncle John over Christmas lunch becomes that much easier.


The Values Foundation Session


This invaluable session is a fundamental part of taking on my new ongoing clients, and I’m now offering it as a single session to anyone wanting to get clear on how to communicate their “why”.

What you’ll get from this session is so much value:

  • We’ll have a chat over Skype, and you’ll tell me all about your business: why you started, your lofty goals, who you love to be doing business with, and the kinds of staff you’d love to be hiring. My cup of tea will go cold as I’m taking down pages of notes, and you’ll feel inspired again by what you’re doing;
  • I then create a 2 page document detailing your Values & Communication Goals

With this clarity, you will be able to infuse your business from the inside out with your values, by:

  • having key words & phrases to rank your SEO,
  • creating your blogging categories,
  • having a list of topics or themes for social media postings,
  • knowing what in the world to tell your graphic designer for your website creation or refresh, and
  • those all-valuable planning sessions with your VA. 

Of course, if you love the experience of working with me, I’d love to continue our collaboration by helping you with your web content, blogging or other content creation through 2018.

Getting clear on values has been essential to ensuring alignment with my clients when I’m creating their content, and its been an enlightening process for me for this business and blog, too. I know I can deliver content my clients and readers want to read, that is useful for them, and is driving engagement when the content is released into the world. Seeing my clients create meaningful relationships with their readers and customers is one of the best parts of my job, so its time to offer this Session to all of you!

Work with me

This package is currently priced at $A185.00. Send me an email to enquire & book today.

Wanna know more about what I do as a writer and editor? This page tells you everything! And over here, you can see the kinds of writing projects I’ve worked on. I love to get messages, so please send me an email with any questions you might have about this offer or how to work with me as your writer.