Jeanette Del Zio

Jenna is so warm and easy to talk to, it is like you could share anything with her. Her knowledge and personal experience not only gives her the opportunity to share her journey, but to inspire others to live a healthy and happy life. She is an authentic example of how you can make a huge turn around for yourself, in health, life and business. She has become a great friend, source of continual encouragement and inspiration!

Jeanette Del Zio, JDZ Designs
Chloe Christos

Jenna is the only person I could have thought of to work with on the launch and running of  Women Who Bleed. Aside from having a deeply personal understanding of the subject matter, she has a way of taking all my thoughts and re-formulating them into a coherent, engaging finished document. Teaming up with a writer is the perfect balance to my design aesthetic - I make our platform glow, while she makes everything make sense! We've worked on blog posts, an About page, social media postings, press releases, bios for our team, and every step of the way, Jenna's skills have created and polished the incredibly important work we do for our rare disease community. I can't do this work without her.

Chloe Christos, Founder, Women Whe Bleed