Samantha Kanizay

Jenna’s wellness journey has truly been a joy and inspiration to watch and be a part of. Her life experience knows no bounds, and her willingness to put herself and her experiences out there and share her message with the world is incredibly real and fearless! Her quiet, yet sharp and witty intellect will leave you begging for more of her authenticity that is truly shining here.

Samantha Kanizay, Health & Life Coach Coach (IIN), Shred Boutique
Jeanette Del Zio

Jenna is so warm and easy to talk to, it is like you could share anything with her. Her knowledge and personal experience not only gives her the opportunity to share her journey, but to inspire others to live a healthy and happy life. She is an authentic example of how you can make a huge turn around for yourself, in health, life and business. She has become a great friend, source of continual encouragement and inspiration!

Jeanette Del Zio, JDZ Designs