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It’s 1 January already!

October 3rd, 2014 | no comments

So – 3/4 of 2014 has slid past us in a whirl (don’t you think? Those years seem to go faster with each one!), and maybe, you’re thinking back to January and the goals and intentions for the year are still right where you left them. In that brand new notebook, with page 2 untouched. And its staring at you, like only inanimate objects can. Those piercing glares through the 4 dvds and 2 novels stacked on top of it, mocking you. That little meanie voice in your chimes in too – look at those goals, untouched for 9 MONTHS! You lazy goose. Its too hard to start now. Not to mention too late! You were going to be motivated, a do-er, a go-getter this year, and its all just flopped. Again. We all know what those Christmas family get togethers are like – that one relative who keeps on pestering you with all those questions you’ve been avoiding asking yourself. Hmm, can we skip Christmas this year?


If you’ve been following me over on Facebook for a while, you’ll know I’m not really into New Years Resolutions. I get all rebellious – why should I start on 1 January? Huh? Especially’s this years 1 January, it was stupidly warm, I can’t motivate myself to do anything when its that hot. I like to set my goals and intentions as they come to me. I have had 2 main points in the year where I’ve felt inclined to make goals – one has been around Easter time (not sure what it is about April, but it gets me in a “let’s get shit done” mood!) and the other is my birthday, the real start to my year.  My other struggle around goal setting according to an external rule is my bleeding disorder almost always has something to say about that, and its not conducive to doing things. My biggest learning around goal setting has been to make it according to my own rules, and my own timeframe.


So why does this year have to be a lost cause? Its only just ticked over into October, there’s still 3 whole months to get stuff done – change your diet (and make eating healthily for you EASY), get yourself into a fitness routine, start that blog, backyard garden or read that pile of beautifully picked books you got for Christmas last year. Wanna know the things I’ve managed to do in 3 month periods? Last year between March and June I got a runner-up prize in the Barrecode 60 Day challenge, changed my diet and started healing not only my body but my relationship with it and my illness, started this very blog and developed some very nice muscle all while being very sick with uncontrolled bleeding symptoms. This is not me bragging – every step of that was HARD WORK and there was tears, but by the end of that block of time I felt stronger, more connected with myself than I had in a very long time and really proud of myself.


Make today 1 January – get out that list of goals and pick one, any one on the page and get started on it today. My game-changing tip on getting stuff done (and one I shared in my e-book – do you have a copy yet? You really should get your mitts on one!) – take tiny steps every day. Say one of your goals is to start eating more healthily to improve your mood, skin and to loose weight- one day, you could buy a new recipe book. The next, you head to the local farmers market and buy all the veggies. The next baby step could be asking a food blogger about one of the ingredients they love and how is the best way to cook it. You should definitely be emailing me so we can have a chat and get super clear on your goals, expectations and what you’re going to achieve. Even after just one week you could have yourself set up with a bunch of great food prepped and feeling supported by some pretty cool people who will help you along the way. Imagine what you could get done by Christmas!


Don’t fall victim to the notion that goals can only be thought of and started in January – you know anything can be done on any day of the week! I also bet you’ve achieved things in your life that were dreamed up and started in May, August and November.
SHARE BELOW – what is the one goal you’re going to kick in the arse by Christmas? Because we’re in this together, I’m going to share one of mine! I had a goal of doing more yoga this year. Well – it took to starting the Gentle Body Cleanse a couple of weeks ago to get me into it! But I’ve finally started with Erin Motz’s 30 Day Challenge, and I can’t wait to see where the 30 days (and the 60 after that!) take me. Share your goals, progress, wins and challenges on Facebook and Instagram with the tags #1January #mymissingfactor #successbyChristmas.


Need a hand getting started on one of your goals? EMAIL ME and we can set up a time to chat and get you laser-focussed on what you can achieve by Christmas.


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