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Heavy Flow Podcast

May 15th, 2018 | 2 comments
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Heavy Flow Podcast Ep29


Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing with you a podcast chat I had with Amanda Laird from Heavy Flow Podcast. Amanda and I had a longer than intended, hour conversation about periods, Von Willebrand Disease, bleeding disorders, period advocacy and lots more! Amanda’s podcast is one I love – I’ve been listening from the beginning so it was a true honour to get to share my experience as a woman with a bleeding disorder with her community.

One of the biggest struggles in the community is diagnosis, and Von Willebrand Disease and women in general are the two groups that suffer most from under diagnosis and misdiagnosis. If every effort to share my condition with the world in the hope more can get the support they need is this much fun, sign me up for more!

You can listen to the episode from your ‘podcasts’ app on your iPhone (search for Heavy Flow), or listen directly from Amanda’s site here . I’d recommend taking a listen to some of her other guests too. So far my favourites have been Abby Norman, author of “Ask Me About My Uterus”. There was far too much of Abby’s interview that was relatable. We must start doing better for women’s health care in respecting and supporting their pain. I also loved hearing from Emily & Kelsey from the Fifth Vital Sign. The Fifth Vital Sign do amazing work, running workshops around the US educating people about women’s health, anatomy and rights. Both of these episodes (and all the rest!) earn a place in your ears.

Thanks for having me Amanda!

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