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Health is Life

March 7th, 2016 | no comments

Today I want to share with you something that is incredibly important to me. Its the thing that gets me up in the morning, my driving force, my life purpose. When it comes down to it, it can be summed up in 3 little words:

Health is life

I firmly believe that without doing, striving, learning, messing up or having a go, you really haven’t lived, and that the one thing you need to truly live is health.

It would be easy to assume I prioritise physical health in that statement – I talk A LOT a lot about it here on the blog as well as on social media. Certainly, Von Willebrands brings my focus to the physical on a regular basis, but if there’s one thing VWD has taught me, its that neglecting the other kinds of health we need only makes dealing with the physical harder. Plus, I think deep down, everyone knows how to take care of their physical health – eat more veggies, drink water, exercise regularly (including getting up from your desk through the day) and do your best to avoid injury and illness (whatever your personal requirements in each of those is!).

For me, and from what I see, for most people, the really hard part is the other kinds of health that we neglect. Our mental, emotional and spiritual health are often the parts that make us incredibly unique individuals, but are often the ones that slip from our to-do lists. What does taking care of those thing look like? Of course it differs for everyone, but it might look like reading a new book or attending a seminar or conference (to expand your mind), getting a massage (for relaxation and self care, as well as some time out!), a regular meditation practice (to calm yourself and create space in your mind and soul to best engage with the world around you), having a catch up with a friend you’ve been missing (to strengthen your relationships), as well as exercising for stress relief, getting out into nature, a goal setting session, maybe even ignoring your chores list to watch a movie one afternoon.

Without prioritising ALL of our health, we loose the ability to follow our intuition and make decisions that are right for us, and our physical health can’t flourish either. Ever gotten sick just when you go on holidays? Or been distracted and disruptive when you’re not mentally challenged in a situation? Maybe you also find yourself judging others or being rude (even if just in your head) when you feel alone.

The health of all aspects of our lives, whether physical, mental, social, emotional or spiritual, affects all the other parts. Its all one question and one answer – each part of your health supports the next.


I meditate to manage my pain, to be a better partner and friend, and to make better decisions – all essential parts of HEALTH & LIFE

The interconnectedness of all the aspects of health is the key thing I’ve learned over the last few years, and I’m going to be talking about it a lot more around these parts. After coming from a place in my life where I tried, in vain, to compartmentalise and seperate everything, like Abed’s Crazy Quilt of Destiny, the connections make themselves known. I’m going to be sharing here on the blog, as well as in some new offerings (workshops and coaching with me – sign up to my newsletter to hear more about these from me this week, or email me now to find out more) how understanding the crazy mesh that is life & health can empower you to understand your world and to change it for the better.

The most important part I want to leave you with today is that you shouldn’t look at the connections between all aspects of your health and life as overwhelming. At the centre of it all is you – and that means you have the power to make your life and health anything you want.


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