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Crazy – calm your monkey mind

November 28th, 2014 | no comments

It’s been a rough day – you’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and a bit panicky. You know things will flow easier if you can calm you mind, but its a skill that always seems out of reach. You’re at a tipping point. You know if you can get things “under control” you’ll be able to turn things around but you really don’t know how to get there.


Today’s guest post in the Crazy series is from the lovely Crystal from Ecology Skin Care who I had the pleasure of speaking with at Primal Living’s Changing the Way We Eat conference in August. Today, Crystal is going to show you how to meditate! You will have noticed the other contributors to this series, Carolyn and Meegs both talk about meditation and how its helped them manage their mental health diagnoses, and you all know about my love of it, especially in relation to helping me deal with VWD and pain. In this video, Crystal is going to talk you through why meditating is useful for anyone, how it has been an essential part of her health journey and has even assisted healing her skin, as well as a great 5 min meditation to introduce you to creating your own practice! Give it a go!


So who is keen to try meditating? I love Crystal’s tips in this video for creating your daily practice:

  • Start with just 5 minutes a day (we can all find 5 minutes, right?)
  • Pick a specific time in your day and LOCK IT IN (just after you’ve showered in the morning is great because you’re already warm and relaxed).
  • Find a quiet comfortable place with a cushion to sit on or a blanket to keep you warm.
  • Take out the pressure – everyone will find thoughts popping up when they meditate, that’s ok! Just gently refocus on your breath each time.

Share below: who gave this a go? How did it feel? Are you going to give this a try every day?

Find out more about Crystal and Ecology Skincare at their website and Facebook page. P.S In case anyone is wondering, Ecology is one of only two brands I use on my skin that has high quality ingredients that don’t just avoid the things I’m sensitive to, but also enhance the quality of my skin and help prevent dryness and bleeds. Well worth a look!

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