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Coming off the pill – a real story

October 17th, 2017 | no comments

Over the years I’ve shared my experiences with coming off the pill for health reasons and transitioning to using factor to manage my periods. I haven’t come back to this topic in a while, and it’d be easy to think because I haven’t mentioned it here that my post-pill journey was going well.

Oh if only.

In the video below, I’m sharing a bit more about my experiences over the past two years, post-pill. Some cycles I have a great run and get a clear ovulation in a 5-6 week cycle. Other times, like right now, things DO NOT GO TO PLAN AT ALL, and I’m day 47 with no indication of ovulation yet. FYI – the average healthy cycle is 28-35 days (which is 4-5 weeks).

Watch below to find out a bit more:

I mentioned in the video I use a non-hormonal birth control – the method I use is sympto-thermal fertility awareness with barrier methods. Take a read of the (very) basics here, and this post from Hannah Ransom goes into some more details. If you’re looking at using an app, I’d recommend taking a read of this post on selecting an app to ensure you have the best information on hand. I use Kindara (one of the paper chart as an app options), with the predictions turned off. I trust my brain more.

It was important to me to record this video right now, while I’m experiencing a rough run of sleeps, motivation & energy. This is certainly not the most confident I’ve ever been speaking to you all, but its real, and my mid-cycle hormone black holes are real. I sound distracted, inarticulate and confused in this video because I am. The blogging and online marketing pros might say this is the wrong point to be recording a video with the um’s, ah’s and mental disconnect, however its important to me to be open with you.

If you’ve experienced this kind of hormone irregularity in your life due to a diagnose-able illness or just post-pill like I am, I want you to know that firstly I believe how hard this is for you, its absolutely real. I’m also right there with you.

Please share your thoughts and experiences below in the comments, via email, or over on Facebook or Instagram.

FYI this video was recorded a few days back, I’m now on day 52 with no confirmed ovulation this cycle. Sigh. 

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