Hey there, I’m Jenna Lovell.

I’m a writer, health seeker, meditator, speaker and coach. I believe that everyone can be, and should be healthy on their own terms. I’m here to inspire and guide you to your life worth living – because just getting by isn’t good enough!


What is My Missing Factor?

That thing missing in my life has been wellness. Not in a narrowly-defined “absence of illness” kinda way, but the much bigger one, that has happiness, activity, authenticity, strength in my inherited condition, connectedness, and a strong self worth. This blog is my outlet for sharing my experiences of life with a rare, incurable medical condition.



Things about me you might not know yet:

  • I’m an introvert! Yep! Even though I share a lot of myself through this blog and all the other ways you connect with me, I definitely feel drained by too much social interaction, and love nothing more than a good book or tv show, a cup of good tea and some peace and quiet to enjoy it all
  • I’m a massive sci fi geek! My first love (at a very young age and from behind the couch, of course) was Doctor Who, but to this day I continue to love the way science fiction tells stories about the human condition.
  • I love that feeling of brain-hurt when you’re learning something new, or encountering an idea that completely turns what you know on its head. Through discomfort comes enlightenment.
  • One of my favourite words (and definitely my favourite smell) is petrichor, especially in my home state of Tasmania. Here live some of the most unique ecosystems on the planet, and damn they smell good!
  • I follow my intuition, even when I don’t realise I’m doing it: taking up the urge to study for love while at university is definitely the first step all these years later in wanting to find a way to work for love, not money
  • I can’t live without tea! Seriously, I think it might be the root cause for my bleeding disorder (joking!)




I’ve got quite a few posts here on the blog, so here’s a few to get you started:

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